Wednesday, May 31, 2006

TTC strike

The "red rocket" moves the city of Toronto on everyday basis. Personally, I can't do without it on a normal day. Funny how I've turned into a casual bus rider from don't-ride-buses-at-all when I used to live in dubai. Anyways, last Monday, I woke up hearing that the TTC is on strike! It had something to do with worker's rights and switching the janitors to the night shifts. A strike without a notice, as unlawful as it was, the half day strike cost the city $2.5 million in fares, oil prices quickly hiked and so did the taxi rates.

Still in bed, I looked out of the window to find a beautiful sunny day. So, packed with my sunglasses, I walked to work :D. It was a bit hot and sweaty but totally awesome. The temperature was somewhere around 34C and felt like 44 C with the humidity and a smog alert for the downtowners. It took me about an hr and fifteen minutes to get to work. Half way there, I started noticing the beautiful Scarborough woods and roadside prettiness in the late spring, with the white daisies, blue flowers and not to mention the dandelion stalks that are so fun to blow. The roads were unusually quiet without the roaring of the buses every few mins. There was this one lady who was waiting for the bus for a whole hour before I gave her the news, poor thing...

Not too many people showed up for work either. The normal classical music was switched to news and every few mins updates on the strike was aired until finally the strike was lifted around 6ish and I could take the ride home with a HUGE Alhamdulillah in mind... Interestingly, contrary to being annoyed by the inconvenience, riders were just glad to see the drivers back behind the wheels.


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