Sunday, June 25, 2006

Activia week

Even though the past week was hectic, I found it to be quite fruitful and interesting and even somewhat refreshing! Working on weekends and weekdays sometimes upto 11hrs was an insanity, but then again, work progressed a lot -Alhamdulillahi Rabbil AlAmin-.

The refresher was Taz's secret henna night on Friday and her reception the following day. With just me, Mudd, Effie and the one and half year old Sarah the adorable doll, the cuteness splattered all across the room. Remind you, Sarah is Bengali. Sarah=Bengali= kewl and cute!! Even though the henna turned out really bad with no colour what so ever, I got to put it on everyone after such a long long time, reminded me of the times in dubai just before eid.

The night before when I was packing Taz's gift, I realized that the wrapper not only said "congratulations", it also had "New baby" written on it! Too late to change that at 3 am so that's what I had to hand in.... lolz.. the looks on Mudd and Effie's faces when they saw that were just priceless until Effie finally blurted out to Taz "is there something I don't know that everyone else does?" lolz.. I wonder if that's what Ahmed said too. Aunty's lasagna and the custard were shoo good... Good laughs... good times... great friends...and did I mention good food?

I woke up early at 5am the next day (Sat) and decided to go to work extra early. The weather was sooo lovely, cool and calm that I walked half the way. Somehow my experiments weren't going too great. At around 12, Taz calls and has a last minute brilliant idea of making small gifts for the kids!!! With 6 more hours to wrap up my experiments, shop for the chocolates and make a 100 packs of give-aways, I needed some iced-tea to breathe. Guess what, seeing the kiddos grab the small gift wraps and run about was such a joy, almost like sitting by the ocean and watching the sunset.. awwww... The reception was pretty cool, I liked the stage, Taz's beaauuttiiiifuuulll dress and Abeda's hairdo and nails with airbrush designs... ok i do have a girl in me u kno. Mudd did an awesome job on Taz's makeup MashaAllah. We sat around, ate and chatted for most part. By the time I got home, it was 1am, i think.

My results improved over the next couple of days; Brazil won all games, the best of which was the one against Japan. Poor Japanese, they were tumbling on their own ball by the end. I noticed that Ronaldo kinda gained weight, moves little but kool all the same, since even he made a goal. Argentinean are not playing like the way I thought they would and for the love of God, I do not understand why there are so many England supporters around me, perhaps it IS the "false sense of patriotism" if not for the cute players :P. I haven't watched Germany play yet, which is a shame coz I've heard they are doing well. Brazil rules and that's all I care about, the thing is, they are not only good players, they are also good enternainers. It's like as if they know when to score and when to lay off just to see the crowd go wild, I like the grins on their faces as they play. Ok enough about Brazil.

On Tuesday, me and Naeema played badminton after suchhh a long time, it was relaxing, so we said we would do it again every Tuesday inshaAllah. Last Friday was the party at my prof's place. They have such a great backyard with a badminton court and lots of trees, flowers and roses.. ahhh the roses.. are soo pretty. Its some place where you would just love to sit and chill. The only not-so-cool part was the dog. I don't mind dogs from 10 feet away, I might even appreciate their beauty, but somehow they seem to sense that I am afraid of them and try to get closer even more.. grrr.... Anywho, we had pizza, ice cream and Jaleena's hand made chocolate!! We played badminton with Dr. H and Dr.R (according to whom, I suck at badminton :( which is unfortunately very true) and talked for hours about anything and everything till the sun set and it was almost dark and Dr. H had to shoo us away! It was interesting to see the profs' private lives and get to know all the co-workers at a personal level, we should definitely do that more often.

After two weeks of hard work and excitement, it's so soothing to just take the weekend off, sit back and do nothing :D...Today is my day!

Alrity... enough said... me go back to being lazy.



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