Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Lab disaster

Howdy oldies? j/k . Well... if you are wondering what I've been upto, this should give you some idea:

[Nazia] : aaahh.. i am so tired
Muskan: awwww
[Nazia] : are u going to bed.. or want to listen to me rant off?
Muskan: lol
i plan to stay up
[Nazia]:oki kool
Muskan: to finish my assign
[Nazia]: rant alert
Muskan: ill keep ur window open
[Nazia]: i worked on sunday and today
Muskan says: wow
[Nazia]: and everything was going sooo soo great... all my results were looking ok
then ...
in the last one hour of today...
everything got messed up
two days experiment down the drain...........................................................
Muskan: omg
[Nazia]: :'(
Muskan: wut happend
[Nazia]: one stupid stupid stupid mistake
Muskan: damn [here she has this emoticon of a person banging his head on the desk]
[Nazia]: haha.. yep.. thts me
and i have a presentation tomorrow
and i have to start the experiment all over again
and i plan on being there at 7 tomorrow
Muskan: omg
how much time do u have
[Nazia]: so tht i can be done by 3 and watch Brazil playing
Muskan: soccer
[Nazia]: yeh

[Nazia] :
heyyy... its not funny

the big screen tv at the student centre plays it
u dont watch soccer?
sowwie... that still sounds funny
inshaAllah u'll be done... dont worry
[Nazia]: hehe.. inshaAllah
Muskan: i dont watch soccer... it can be addictive,,, whoz brazil playing
[Nazia]: i dont know
but brazil is winning
u suck
[Nazia]: awww.. thankz..
Muskan: ur welcome *hugs*


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