Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sights to behold

Friday had started off as a fine day with the cool morning breeze and a bright but not scorching sunshine. I caught a catholic lady just finishing her morning prayer at the bus stop which happens to be opposite a church. Two mins later, we started chatting. I had never seen anyone having raisins for breakfast, but there she was with a bag full of raisins. I guess she sensed my amusement and so offered me some too. What a nice lady, reminded me of the sunnah of the Prophet (saw) in sharing food with everyone who is present, even when it's little something.

Work was unusually boring until noon when a Professor walked her huge black dog across the 5th floor of Science Wing, with trouble written all across its face. All UTSC students know that 5th floor is the Office and Research area and no place for pets. But oh well, she is a Prof and so no one protested. Later that day, I hear this shrill cry "No! No! Put it down now!!" repeatedly.

At first guess, I thought there was a big argument broiling, so, out of curiosity, I sneak up and WHOA!! I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. The dog was in lose with the professor running behind it with frantic cries, flying her arms up and down, stumping like a helpless kid. I was so perplexed myself that I didn't know how to react. So what had happened to push the prof into this bizarre fit? The evil dog had caught one of our duckling and would not let go!! The Mama and Papa geese were yelling and runny all across the field with wings spread, but couldn't do much. She (Prof) finally jumped on the dog and rolled it over to free duckling. As far as I could see from my corner, the duckling was still alive, but prolly wounded. I wanted to inquire if they were all ok, but I figured it would be best not to embarrass the Prof further. Well, that's what you get for bringing dogs to work!! Now that I think of it, UTSC is really turning into a zoo, with the ducks, valleys and a deer! Actually no, they were there since long ago, until we, the "great minds for great future" arrived at the spot. I would like to protest against cutting into the animal habitat more and more each year as the university expands.... what say you?



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