Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A special day

Today was a special day. It was a friend's birthday (Happy birthday again.. ).

Exactly a year from today, I graduated. I remember, there was a mix of happiness and sadness for a number of reasons. Finishing the degree was a milestone in my life, it meant I could move on, do something new, explore my potentials beyond books and that made me more than happy. These are the things that made me sad:
  1. my dad couldn't be there for my graduation
  2. yes, I finished undergrad on time. Alhamdulillah. That in itself was a big success, but what kind? Parhaps I could have done much better if I hadn't rushed, but Allah knows best.
  3. I missed my friends, Taz was the only one there, and I was soo sooo glad to see her even though she had to wait outside the convocation hall for the whole time (they only allowed two person per graduate to get in)--Totally love ya Taz--. InshaAllah a lot of them will graduate this year
I was happy that it was the first time that my family got to meet the great teachers I've had in the uni and some of my class mates. I realized that I wasn't as unnoticed in my classes as I had thought, since some of my professors actually remembered me.. At the end, we all smiled and cheered and said our good buys and good riddence in all good mood.

Highlights of the past ("academic") year:
  • Taz got married. Even though we could not attend her wedding in India, we had a blast at the Prewedding at Muddz. Now I cannot wait to see her with her hubby at the Reception on 17th.
  • I had the thrill of my life working towards the genetics of Alzheimer's disease and my very first research paper is about to be published.. yey.. (Alhamdulillah)
  • I discovered QLC, a truly inspiring Arabic classes
  • I learnt important lessons about relationships between people, especially friends.
  • My place got broken into .. damn robbers
  • Baby Aunty passed away, may Allah grant her and her family Jannatul Ferdous
  • Switched to Scarb campus for summer job
Over all.. with the ups and downs, it was a pretty good year. I grew up more in the past year than all years put together and I can only thank Allah for the blessings.

Oki.. now the other great news, I received my offer of admission for Grad school from UofT today.. Here's the dilemma: To accept or not to accept the offer, that is the question.

Salamz All


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