Saturday, July 22, 2006

A blob in the world of blogs

"Only working people write blogs"
- that's what M said when we were having a conversation about blogs. Humm.. may be, may be not. "Working people" don't have those horrid assignments to hand in or the tests to cram for. But do they really have more time to kill?? I Wish! I have this theory that as you grow older, you magically find time to manage a gazillion things at the same time. And that's how, you see, moms and dads are really real life superwomen/supermen. With my work schedule and other little activities, I find myself lost sometimes, but parents seem to manage so much in so little time: for example, taking care of kids, working, grocery, social activities.. etc. etc. etc and yet find time for themselves. Perhaps we become better time managers with time- practice makes perfect.

"It's written by people who want attention"
- AHEM... wrong, wrong, wrong. Why do I write blogs? I think it helps to lay your thoughts on paper .. before you. I used to write similar entries on notepads a long long time ago, but they are just lost now. I wont care if not even a single person reads my blogs. But why on the web? I kinda like It's simple and "userfriendly" with no hassle of complicated programs or unorganized files or papers. Sometimes, when I do go back to things I wrote way back in my school days, it gives a feeling of nostalgia, like, is that what I really thought about life back then or did that really happen?

"I don't want to be a blob in the world of blogs"
-was her last comment which, I thought, was well said. She would rather write well organized, mind tingling, deep thoughts. Fair enough, even I would enjoy reading it...depending on what she was really thinking about, one prob with such writing: if its done for an audience, does it really reflect the personality of the writer? Perhaps it does...

On other news:

I almost got shot today :(. On my way back from grocery, this 2 n' 1/2 ft tall little boi jumps on the elevator, complaining that he's late for his swimming class. Pointing at his water gun, I ask if that's what he does at his swimming class... with an evil little smile on his evil little face, he lifts one brow, points his gun at me saying: "wanna see how it works?"!!!

Kids these days! Thank goodness it was his floor and he was on the other side of the elevator by now. What I do? Quickly shut the elevator..Lesson of the day: never poke fun at someone with a gun, even if its a 2n' 1/2 ft boi with a water gun.


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