Monday, July 03, 2006

I'm falling into.....

I had planned a soothing, quite weekend with my family and some spiritual enlightenment with the Tarbiya conference that was held during the last three days.

What I got was crazy rides that churned my whole system and throat hurting screaming.. we went to the Marine Land. Under normal circumstances, I avoid rides for the love of my life, that includes not going to Wonderland, Marine Land or whatever madness is out there. Initially, the main idea was for the three of us (me, mommy and bro) to go to the Butterfly and Bird conservatory and then to the Niagara falls, behind it around it, on it and even above it. But then some fam friends joined, one of whom had the brilliant idea of going to the Marine-Land and also to force me onto rides, which she did.. grrrr.

Wait, what am I complaining about? Besides the sky screamer, and the fact that the Marine Land has no water rides whatsoever :S, everything else was actually neat. After the sky screamers, all other rides were just baby stuff. I guess Br.Mohammed Alshreef was right about swallowing the biggest frogs first, it does make ur life easier. It was fun. The dolphins, killer whales, deers and bears were something I practically grew up watching and yet, there was something unique about just seeing them again. I don't like animals caged up though, with so many people poking and throwing stuff at them, and the horrid noises they have to bare with, it's sad. Over time, away from the wild and the nature, they get used to the city life and are slowly domesticated to the way we want them. I wonder how they really feel, somebody aught to discover a machine to translate animal thoughts. Yeh, it's ironic that I lived by the zoo most of my childhood. What I didn't mind and totally loved, was feeding the scores of fish, I didn't know fish could be exciting even when not on my dinner plate... :P

We saved the best for the last, Niagara falls at night.

I used to have this friend, who wanted to spend his special moments by the falls, and now I know why. The first time we went to the falls, it was during the day with rainbows sparkling on the mist. Ignoring the crowd, this time it was even more prettier and soothing. It was just amazing everytime a seagull passed through the lights, and all of a sudden they were illuminated with red, blue, green or yellow colours :D... the whole experience was nothing short of how the aurora lights would be. I just wanted to sit there all night and watch the view. SubhanAllah for such beautiful creation. Sitting on the grass to watch the fireworks and getting dripped in the rain, just completed my day...

Even though I had my getaway and spend some quality time with my family after a long time, my biggest regret, I missed the Tarbiya conference...


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