Saturday, July 29, 2006

Interesting events

Summer is almost over.. and kids seem awfully bored out there in the streets. So bored, that a bunch of 9 year olds tied some sewing threads all across this lane that I (along with others) always go through. They sat and watched and waited and waited and watched until someone (which happened to be me)got tangled in it... which, BTW, didn't happen :P. Poor fellas...

We finally had our lab meeting yesterday. I always like those meetings, especially with the free food and the time off from work :D. During the last last meeting, it was my turn to present and even though I had prepared a 15 min presentation, the proff had so many questions and inputs that it lasted for a whole hour and half!! Luckily, someone else presented yesterday, so it was my turn to question...

Anywho, even though the rest of the day was a usual routine, it ended in a very weird way. Just before I left around 8ish (not a soul was around), somehow I manage to break a petridish. I do not remember breaking anything in any lab before, not even in high school :(. Then, as I'm walking out, I see two crows in the nursery playground.. and I've never seen crows in Canada. That's something you find in BD, everywhere, but what were they doing in Toronto!!?? Finally, when I was crossing the street, I see a REAL BULLET in a crack on the street, and I was so close to crouching down to have a closer look or even pick it up, but then with the cars waiting on both sides of my heels and the stop sign about to blink, plus the fact that it was a bullet (god knows how it got there) I resisted.

I'm also glad to let you know that with all the bull about ill omens attached to things like breaking stuff, seeing crows and bullets, I'm still in one piece and my day has been perrrfect. Alhamdulillah.


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