Sunday, October 29, 2006

My wittle century

Things have been hectic but somewhat exciting since my last posting. I started my MSc, We moved to this new apartment and then one weekend, I got hitched all in the second week of sept. Soon enough Ramadan started. The rest, i leave to your imagination.

This fall started with fresh new beginning. I finally have a room of my own... I remember my days in AUS when we had to write an essay on "my room" in Bengali. Would have been too easy if i had my current room back then. It's sooooo beautiful, SubhanAllah & Alhamdulillah. I like every inch of it, the light lavender color with white striped borders (yesh.. we painted it..).. the open-ness with the bare minimum furniture, the funky curved mirror, and best of all, the window!! I love the window.

Being on the 10th floor and over looking a park and forest, while I look out, it feels like I live amongest the clouds. Sometimes, I just lay there in the morning and figure out what those clouds appear like, i think i saw a bear today. While looking down, I can see far into fields, little people playing in the park and the lake Ontario too. Just today, when i wasn't in my best moods, a ghust of wind blew a whole lot of colourful auntumn leaves across my window, SubhanAllah, that must have meant I gotta smile :P. I still remember watching the sun rise and the gleaming full moon from my room with Ruby.. ish.. me wants those moments back.

May Allah bless all future inhabitants of this room with the same bliss that i feel when im here. :-)


Blogger NAB said...

congrats on the "hitching" :P

8:54 PM  
Blogger Nazia said...

tanks! starting to getting used to the idea by now :P

9:53 PM  

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